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  • Mitch William

COVID: China's 2nd spike?

After 50 days of no new Covid cases in Beijing. All of a sudden, 36 new cases have sprung up over the weekend. China, is yet again, on a war footing with the virus.

As Europe begins easing lockdown restrictions, can we afford to be complacent?

I think, it's fair to say, that most, if not all of the world, isn't happy with China's handling of the first outbreak, and the fact, people were allowed to travel overseas from the main affected Wuhan Province, is indefensible.

The USA, UK and EU must learn a lesson from 6 months ago, decisive action is imperative. We must ban all travel from China in to NATO Member States. That's the only way we can ensure a 2nd spike isn't imported.

We cannot risk the economic hit of a 2nd lockdown.

Drastic, albeit regrettable measures must be taken. The UK is an island nation, it's easy to regulate who comes in and out legally, if the Government is willing to act.

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