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  • Mitch William

Coronavirus: We Need To Take Action!

It's been reported, that the UK's counter measure to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, is to ask people, if they are feeling ill, whilst flying in to the UK.

If a passenger on an aircraft, informs the crew that they don't feel well, the crew must inform the UK authorities, at least one hour before arrival. This would allow, sufficient time for medical teams to stand by.

That plan is CRAZY!

What ever happened to good old fashioned common sense?

If this was Mad Cow Disease, beef imports from said region, would be BANNED IMMEDIATELY!

Six people in the UK have been tested for the virus to date. Most of which, are in Scotland. Because, there are two flights per week to Wuhan City from Edinburgh Airport.

Utter madness. This could turn into a global killer. We need to halt all flights from Wuhan City and the wider Hubei province.

All flights from China should be quarantined, until passengers have undergone sufficient health screening.

We can't just rely on their say so!

It's not nasty to ask for this stringent form of self defence, it's a practical, easy way to safeguard the UK from the spread of Coronavirus.

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