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  • Mitch William

Corbyn Must Be Stopped!

What will the UK look like under a Corbyn Government? He seems like a pleasant enough guy? But, where are his allegiances... Queen and Country?

Would he leave NATO and ban Nukes? Would he fund terrorists and turn the UK into a rogue communist state?

If you think BREXIT is BAD, wait for a Corbyn Government, it'll be BAD, UGLY & HEINOUS!


His latest controversy is the attendance of a memorial service paying tribute to the 1972 Munich terrorists! Who were responsible for the kidnap and murder of Israeli Olympic athletes! Corbyn's attendance is simply unacceptable...

Is he naive, stupid or dangerous... Perhaps all 3?

When asked about his involvement during the laying of the wreath, he confirmed his attendance but, couldn't definitely refute his part in the wreath laying! His answer was vague and left open to debate! Which is confirmatory that the man is a national disgrace...

This Muppet wants to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom!

Corbyn is not fit for office... I fear he'll strip our Armed Forces further to the bone, destroy key alliances and sympathize with terror groups, possibly even support them!

He needs to be isolated before he isolate's the UK and lead's us to ruin!

Mitch William...


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