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  • Mitch William

Competitive - Culturalism

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Debate these days is often clouded by misunderstanding.

If you want to preserve your Nations Heritage and Culture, ensuring it remains the dominant force within your society, doe's that make you RACIST?

Multiculturalism on the grander scale is a failed concept. It should be called Competitive - Culturalism, due the lack of actual integration and the potential competitive strive for cultural dominance that may arise.

If current demographic projections are accurate, the UK is on a path to becoming unrecognisable and cultural tensions are a given.

We live in an age, where people have been brainwashed into thinking that the decline of British Culture is acceptable and in many cases good.

Some people will brand you a RACIST, if you disagree or question the narrative and direction of travel.


There's a big difference between race and cultural norms and values, and the fact is, that some cultures are better than others and any race can affiliate to any culture.

To avoid future culture clashes and unrest, Immigration rules should be set in favour of culturally similar peoples.

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