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Commonwealth Trade Superpower

Liz Truss has global ambitions that I admire.

The raising of Defence Spending to 3% of GDP is long overdue and I'm equally excited about her "New Commonwealth Deal" plan.

Utilising the Commonwealth of Nations as a Trade Superpower will benefit all members and greatly increase global standing in a world of giants, such as China, the EU and the USA. I am an avid advocate of CANZUK International. A CANZUK Alliance could be the starting blocks for wider Commonwealth cooperation.

My vision for the Commonwealth would see CANZUK integrate/cooperate on Defence, Diplomacy and Trade as a single entity. Which could even mean, the UK seat at the UN Security Council is assumed by a CANZUK Alliance.

As for the wider Commonwealth, Free Trade, Security Cooperation and a Mutual Assistance Pact, where Commonwealth nations come to the aid of each other in times of crisis.

In short, a Confederal CANZUK and a Supranational Commonwealth of Nations.

We shall need to wait and see what Liz Truss has in her head. However, I don't think we'll need to wait too long. This is indeed an exciting time for Global Britain enthusiasts. Finally, we have a Prime Minister who has vision.


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