• Mitch William

Common Sense Must Prevail

The latest polling conducted for Scottish separation is 49% YES and 51% NO. Those are actually quite scary figures. The SNP are projected to win 53 seats at the next Westminster election, leaving the Tories with three, Labour with one and the Lib Dems with two.

This is a worrying time. The SNP are adamant that they want a new vote by the end of 2023. They lost that last vote. Which only took place 7 years ago. Personally, I think its an affront to Democracy that they never ceased campaigning and are demanding a re-run.

Is Scotland at risk of sleep walking into disaster?

Have the SNP outlined solid currency plans... What would happen to interest rates, how many people would lose their homes? Have they got a plan on defence? What will happen when Scotland is suddenly confronted with a hard border into its largest trading partner? How will Scotland afford to pay 44.6% of adults benefits?

Every time I ask an everyday SNP voter these questions. The answer is always the same:

We'll be fine, we'll figure it out

That's not acceptable in my view.

All Scottish Independence will do is withdraw Scotland from the influence it has through the UK's permanent seat at the UN security council. Withdraw Scotland from NATO. Create a hard border with it's biggest trading partner and launch itself into financial currency limbo.

The currency question is key. Flawed economics is the very thing that could cause civil unrest north of the border. I'm just baffled at the fact up to 49% of people think this is the way to go, without even knowing or understanding the finer details.

If there is to be a 2nd Independence Referendum. Let us learn from BREXIT.


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