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  • Mitch William

Cold War 2?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member states account for 50% of global wealth, with a population of approximately 937 Million and a total number of active personnel of about: 2,203,468. The total number of reserve personnel is about: 2,755,000.

NATO is the most powerful alliance the world has ever known!

The defence ministers of each member state are coordinating the response to COVID-19 at the NATO level. So far, "Military forces from across the Alliance have flown more than 100 missions to transport medical personnel, supplies, and treatment capabilities... Facilitated the construction of 25 field hospitals... Added more than 25,000 treatment beds...

And over 4,000 military medical personnel have been deployed in support of civilian efforts".

We all see on the news media, that lots of countries are helping each other out. But, how many of us understand, it's a coordinated NATO effort?

NATO is a mighty machine, therefore it must lead the global response to China.

NATO should invoice China for damages to all member state economies with the view to boycotting China if they simply ignore the call.

Only NATO has the power to stand up to China, if we let them take advantage, our generation may not recover and it could allow a Chinese century.

I new Cold War, is now inevitable... the 3 pillars of Western Society, must be united under NATO!

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