• Mitch William

China's Cold War

This is why NATO is important to us all, and this is why it need's to become more streamlined, united and effective.

China dwarfs us all and could end up dominating the world. Unless, we unite in a coherent fashion. NATO is good, but it can be better!

A three tier NATO plan could be the Future. A NATO with only three members, the three pillars of western civilisation - the USA, the EU and CANZUK International. The latter could and should be formed, from the existing 5 Eyes alliance.

The new NATO, should expand into a single market based on that of the European Union. In essence, it would be a super union of unions.

The EU should replace France at the United Nations and CANZUK should replace the United Kingdom seat.

I'm not forgetting Turkey, I don't think they have a place in the alliance.

Whatever happens in the future, we must adapt, to counter the inevitable rise of China.

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