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  • Mitch William

CHARITY: Starts At Home

The British Government Plans to spend up to £1.2 Billion on homelessness in the UK. Yet, the Foreign Aid Budget is set to rocket to £14.5 Billion in 2021!

The UK spends 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid!

0.7% of GDP is the UN recommendation and cost's Britain almost £14 Billion a year!

Only 5 nations meet that recommendation annually.

36% of UK funding is multilateral. Therefor, the money is spent through organisations such as the United Nations etc, 64% of the aid budget is spent on a bilateral basis.

The top 5 uses of Bilateral aid are:

  • Humanitarian

  • Multi-sector

  • Government and civil society

  • Health

  • Education

The top 10 beneficiaries of bilateral aid were:

  1. Pakistan - £463m

  2. Syria - £352m

  3. Ethiopia - £334m

  4. Nigeria - £320m

  5. Afghanistan - £235m

  6. Tanzania - £186m

  7. Jordan - £175m

  8. South Sudan - £161m

  9. Sierra Leone - £154m

  10. Somalia - £152m

I put 5 of the top 10 in the spotlight:

  • The Ethiopian LGBT community can expect a 15 year jail sentence for being open about their sexuality. So, that should be £334m going into the NHS and not to the Ethiopian Government?

  • Nigeria carries a sentence of 14 years for the LGBT community. So, there's £320m that could be spent on the British Armed Forces?

  • The Tanzanians are a funny bunch. Being lesbian is ok! But, if your a gay man you can expect 30 years to life imprisonment! Another £186m better spent at home?

  • Local laws in South Sudan see the LGBT community executed. However, the national law is clear, only 10 years in jail! That's £161m that could be spent on the emergency services?

  • The Somali LGBT community also face the death penalty! Wow... That's another £152m that could be better spent at home until these barbaric colonial laws are changed!

These laws and values are completely incompatible with British Values, yet we're still sending them money!

I'm sure you would agree, that the money sent to the said 5 could be better spent on the NHS and the homeless here in the UK. Afterall, charity starts at home!

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