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  • Mitch William

Channel Migrants

Last year, over 8,460 migrants passed over the channel. This year the numbers have exploded and it's estimated that over 17,000 have made the crossing. Number's next year are set to double.

This is unsustainable. The French and UK Governments must work together and come up with a plan. It's an economic drain on both nations, we can't do proper checks on the people landing, it takes over a year to process their applications and they all come from cultures that may or may not suit life in the UK or France and most of which are fighting age men.

The nicely nicely approach of hotel accommodation is too soft and is inefficient. Both Governments must get tough on this issue. Over 17,000 people have crossed in 2021 so far, and the numbers are predicted to be over 30,000 next year. I'm sorry but tough measures must be applied.

As the numbers of people crossing is forecast to double, we need joint Anglo - Franco Detention Facilities. The only reasonably achievable option in my eyes, would be to set up a detention centre in the north of France and the south of England, perhaps an offshore could be explored too.

However, the numbers are set to be so great, we might be fighting a losing battle.

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