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Carnage in Palestine

Updated: May 15, 2018

The relocation of the US Embassy was a pointless move and will spark more fury than harmony within the region!

Turkey, a country I usually do not agree with! I often protest its membership of NATO! Well, the Truks have withdrawn their Ambassadors from the USA and Israel in protest over the move!

Well done Turkey!

Donald Trump appeared to be doing so well, such progress has been made in Korea. However, faltering began with the Iranian nuclear deal and now the opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem!

We have been waiting for the move. We were pre warned, but speculation led us to believe it would take years after the announcement!

Well, months not years. Its just happened and caused utter mayhem!

Over 55 people killed and counting with more than 2000 injured!

A needless provocation in a conflict that many cannot even begin to comprehend the history of.

Provocation after provocation is not healthy for the world, I hate to sound like a lefty tree hugger here, but the region needs progress rather than constant bombardment!

It's bow or be bombed!

The 2 State solution has been dealt a blow. The Palestinians see East Jerusalem as their capital.

In negotiations there must be give and take, perhaps both sides need to heed this concept or my grand children will be discussing this issue in years to come!


Mitch William...


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