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  • Mitch William

CANZUK: Cooperation is the Key Force Multiplier

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (CANZUK) all share a Head of State. We already work closely together on a multitude of areas. However, we don't have a CANZUK club.

What could a CANZUK club look like?

Firstly, I would call it "The CANZUK Alliance". The four nations could and should form a club working together in areas such as Foreign Policy, Defence and Trade.

How would that work?


  • Create a Diplomatic and Foreign Policy Council.

  • Share Embassies world wide.

  • Create a collaborative Foreign Policy based on unanimity.


  • Create a Joint CANZUK High Command.

  • Explore enhanced joint procurement.

  • Exchange programmes, joint training and host bases.

  • Work and deploy as a single entity.


  • Create a Trade Council.

  • Removal of all trade barriers over time.

  • Relaxed movement of people.

  • Coordinated supply chains to reduce third party dependence.


  • Create a Council of Prime Ministers

  • Chaired by a member of the Royal Family to act as spokesperson for the alliance.

  • The Council of Prime Ministers would be the main function of the alliance.

Essentially, CANZUK could be a military and foreign policy alliance with free trade. Each nation maintains it's statehood. However, each nation would now be a superpower due to the alliance.

"The CANZUK Alliance" could also assume the UK seat at the United Nations Security Council. It would be a member of NATO and a Global Power in it's own right. A loose but firm alliance, that would not interfere in daily domestic life as did the EU.

This vision, is the reason I campaigned for BREXIT.

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