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  • Mitch William

Can we rely on Uncle Sam?

Nigel Farage sat down and interviewed Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America. Apparently his first foreign interview in over a year. Whatever you think of Farage, he carries some weight.

When Trump was in office, he promised a swift post - brexit trade deal and closer relations. He not only respects the United Kingdom, he loves it. His mother is Scottish and like her, he has admiration for the Queen and the Royal Family.

However, now it's President Biden who calls the shots in Washington. And as far I can see and understand it, no Democrat President since Clinton has warmed to the UK and recognised this so called Special Relationship.

It would seem that the UK endures a hot/cold relationship with the USA depending on the heritage and political leaning of the president of the day. In an uncertain world, one can be forgiven for rolling their eyes at this type of alliance.

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