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  • Mitch William

Can we rely on America?

After the unilateral decision taken by the US to withdraw from Afghanistan, US allies were left asking the question, can we rely on America? The USA is so big and powerful in comparison to it's allies, which leaves them in the precarious position of simply following what the Americans do.

After the Afghan withdrawal, it became apparent that the US didn't feel the need to consult it's allies on major strategic decision making. Even if that decision making process affects them all. This has led to renewed calls for a European Defence Union. Whether that bears fruition or not, time will tell.

The problem with the European Union is that it lacks unity and cohesion as a Foreign Policy actor. It may at some point figure itself out and become capable of projecting power on a global scale independently of NATO. However, I would bet that any EU Defence Union will be a least half the size of the Union as we know it today.

Can we trust America? AUKUS - Australia, United Kingdom, United States Defence Pact. AUKUS is a new alliance of old friends based on nuclear submarine technology. It's been dubbed the 3 Eyes as Canada and New Zealand are not party to the agreement.

Nuclear submarine technology is the holy grail of any military. Sharing it, is rarely done. The last and only time before this, the USA shared tech with the UK back in 1958. Now, Australia is ready to build a fleet of nuclear powered submarines which will be armed with conventional weapons in a bid to secure peace in the indo-pacific.

In an ever changing world, where the leader of the free world looks set to become the 2nd most powerful nation on earth in the not too distant future. We need more than an array of overlapping loose military alliances. We need a new collaborative superpower union that is unified on Foreign Policy, Defence and Trade. Collaborative being the key word.

The USA must understand and realise that we are entering a time, where it will need allied support. No more unilateral decision making, multilateral decision making is the only way to maintain unity and ensure cohesion.

The Five Eyes is the answer, CANZUK USA.

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