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  • Mitch William

Can Scotland Afford Independence?

Scottish exports are worth £85 Billion per year. £52 billion is with the rest of the UK, £17 billion is with the wider world and only £16 billion is directly with the European Union. Clearly, the EU's single market is not as important as the UK single market is to Scottish jobs and prosperity.

There are approximately 4.5 million adults in Scotland and 2.5 million income tax payers. Thus meaning roughly 2 million adults around 44.6% of all adults in Scotland pay no income tax, zero, Scotland is the welfare nation.

Also, Scotland spends up to 8.6% over and above what it raises, in comparison to the rest of the UK which is at 2.6%.

Now the question is, how can an independent Scotland, the land of welfare and freebies sustain itself? The short answer is... It can't! Independence would mean massive austerity and cuts.

The nationalists rely on people voting blind, after being enthused by their rhetoric and not actually researching proper facts. That my friend, is what we call propaganda, and they're very good at circulating it, and manipulating the crowds.

What Currency would we use? How will it affect Mortgages? The Nat's haven't done an up to date financial assessment. Because, they know it will come out against them.

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