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  • Mitch William

Can BREXIT be stopped?

In the words of Tony Blair, we are heading for a "Pointless" or "Painful" BREXIT!

Pointless being a Soft BREXIT and painful being a Hard BREXIT!

Is he right?

The British public are awaiting important news! But, the media are trying to distract us with international stories! Trump, Russia, etc etc...

The Remain camp have a notional majority in the House of Commons, a majority of 310!

That is a figure to be taken seriously. It's becoming clear that a majority of the 310 may vote down any deal the Government strike!

Thus meaning forcing the UK out on a no deal basis or forcing a 2nd referendum.

Parliament will probably opt for the latter!

I've always said there'll be a 2nd referendum. The question could simply be, NO Deal or Remain. I foresee a treachery on the horizon. The 310 remainiacs of Parliament will sacrifice their careers for what they see as the good of the country. Because the poor electorate was confused!

And in reality, they won't actually sacrifice anything. Because, by the next General Election voters will not care or remember and largely stick to their tribal voting allegiances whilst they still complain about wanting change! #Madness

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