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Cambodia Part Three - The Conclusion

Seeing as the city was left in such decay after years of Khmer Rouge rule. It meant that most of what we saw in Phnom Penh was either newly built or still in the process of being reconstructed.

It is clear that the city is modernising and becoming internationalised at an unbelievable rate. This is particularly apparent in the restaurant and night life scene. There is an array of upscale Cambodian restaurants, as well as an abundance of International cuisine restaurants to suit visitors of all backgrounds.

All of the fanciness, comes at a cost. We found that Phnom Penh was crueler on our budget than we had expected. 

The modernising doesn't mean there aren't plenty of rough areas outside of Phnom Penh's centre, because there are. 

Dealing with money whilst in Cambodia can be slightly overwhelming to begin with. The local currency is the Cambodian Riel, at present one Pound goes for about five and a half thousand Riel. The Riel is readily used by the locals. We found that most money transactions are done using Dollar notes, however this is where it gets confusing... Cambodian's rarely use coins, so if your change is less than a Dollar, you will receive small notes in Riel. I must admit I am not a massive fan of this system, as dealing with 2 different currencies can be slightly mind-boggling.

You also end up with a huge wad of Cambodian notes.. You feel rich until, you add it up all and realise you've only got 65p!!!

Despite spending five days jumping over puddles of urine, dodging cockroaches, squeezing around huge piles of rubbish and almost straining my neck whilst saying no to the many hassling TukTuk drivers, I would go back to Cambodia.


Not next year. Not in three years. But, I'd be interested to go back in ten, to see the changes that have been made and compare it with what I saw in 2018. 

But, I would recommend that anyone who wants to travel to Asia puts Cambodia on their list of places to go. It is an eye opening experience. There isn't words for the way it makes you feel when you begin to realise what one human can to do another human, especially for no reason other than to control.

It makes for a very thought-provoking trip. 

Despite the horrible past that Cambodian's have suffered throughout the years, they are resilient. They focus on the present and the bright future in front of them.

Cambodia truly is a nation on the rise. 

Jennifer Brand...


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