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  • Mitch William

Burka's look like letter boxes?

Boris Johnson is facing call's to resign and greater calls for him to be expelled from the Conservative Party for saying "Burka's look like letter boxes" and apparently he compared them to "Bank Robbers"

Well done Boris or Boohoo Bojo?

Ruth Davidson, Scottish Tory leader apparently compared wearing a burka to a Christian wearing a crucifix... What? ... I'm sorry... Its just not the same, that's a void comparison!

The Koran teaches men and women to dress modestly. But, the burka is a social burden and a blatant obstacle to integration and it's not even necessary!

The Hijab is more approachable and actually looks quite trendy!

The west is constantly making concessions for other cultures and traditions. However, respect should be reciprocal? Saudi Arabia don't even allow churches or religions other than their Wahhabi sect of Islam.

Is the full burka compatible with UK culture?

Plans should be put in place to aid the integration process because the state imposed multicultural society is failing! #SlowDownImmigration

Mitch William...

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