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Brits in SPACE via Scotland!

Scotland has been selected to host the UK's first ever SpacePort. A site in Sutherland north of the country has been short listed.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise will be given £2.5 Million to construct this new and exciting project and it is hoped we will be firing Rockets off as soon as the 2020's!

The UK Government is funding this project!

The UK Government is investing in Scotland!

Whether it be Defence Infrastructure or this new exciting challenge for the future!

Although, the SNP will have something to say about how all these new jobs and investment are bad for Scotland, I can't wait to hear the trauma!

The market is potentially worth £3.8 Billion over the coming decade, this is huge and there are another 4 potential sites across Scotland. Sutherland is first, Scotland is first!

The UK Government are also establishing a £2 Million funding grant for future sites who portray a sound business proposal. No need for ESA anymore, the sky was the limit, soon it will be the STARS!

Mitch William...


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