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  • Mitch William

British Troops NEVER KNEEL!

British military are banned from 'taking the knee' in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests after commanders said it was too political.

When any member of the British Armed Forces is in uniform, they're not permitted to part take in any political activity and when they're not in uniform, it's not advised.

The British Armed Forces, should never kneel for an organisation, that wants to "Smash Capitalism" and "Defund the Police" ...

Dominic Raab has the right idea, kneel only for the Queen or the wife, as its a form of subjugation. When the Metropolitan Police took the knee, I was shocked, it looked like a surrender.

#BLM is a far left movement disguised as an anti racist organisation.

Due to the anti-racist cloak that they wear, people are too scared to call them out. That fear, is a danger to our society!

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