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British Passports #MadeInFrance

Updated: May 8, 2018

Since 1988 we have all been used to the European Union burgundy colored Passport, as of October 2019, it is set to disappear and be replaced with a more fitting British blue!

Manufactured by the Dutch-Franco firm Gemalto, who won the £490 million contract!

Due to current EU competition rules, the Home Office was forced to open up bidding to European firms as well as British firms!

A symbol of Global Britain? #MadeInFrance

De La Rue, the company who has been manufacturing British passports since 2009 were simply undercut by Gemalto and under EU procurement rules, the Home Office was powerless!

The UK has a 21 month transition period to look forward to... Throughout this time EU law will reign supreme over the UK as a non-member!

What unsettling scenario shall we look forward to next?

#BritishPassport #MadeInFrance

Mitch William...


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