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  • Mitch William

British Elections Are For British Citizens

During the Independence Referendum of 2014, Scottish people living outside Scotland were denied the vote, this even applied to Armed Forces Personnel.

Now, the Scottish Parliament, have voted in favour of extending voting rights to Foreign Nationals and even Refugees!

The Scottish people were never consulted on this game changing initiative. I think, most Scottish people, will be infuriated by the impending extension to the electorate. The Scottish Parliament, should not have the right to enforce this upon us.

There must be referenda on critical national decisions that potentially affect the future direction of the nation!

Foreign Nationals and Refugees should not be in a position where they can help determine the future of their host nation. They can leave and go home at any time. Thus not being fully committed to the nation they reside in.

Only British passport holders should be allowed to vote in UK elections.

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