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Britain's BACK DOOR to the EU ARMY!

Permanent Structured Cooperation (PSC) is the framework for the structural military integration of EU armies under the EU Common Defence and Security Policy.

23 of 27 member states have recently signed up to this framework which was born out of the Lisbon Treaty.

PSC may turn out to be a NATO like Alliance of the European Union!

Hopefully complimenting NATO rather than the contrary!

The UK is set to depart the European Union, therefore the UK will not be apart of any EU Defence arrangement?

France is one of the main driving forces behind PSC. But, the UK and France have their very own bespoke arrangement, The Anglo - Franco Defence Pact!

The Anglo - Franco Defence Pact, also known as the Lancaster House Treaty. Is apparently the closest military pact signed in the history of the world and was agreed in 2010 by Cameron and Sarkozy.

You may have missed it. But, the Anglo - Franco Defence Pact has already seen action, namely in Libya and other African Nations. The British Armed Forces have largely been supporting the French troops on the ground over much of Africa!

The French are likely to take a leading role through the framework of PSC. They will be the spearhead nation of future European Union Mission's.


The Anglo - Franco Defence Pact consists of a Joint Aircraft Carrier Task Force, a Joint Expeditionary Force, Joint Nuclear Development, Joint Equipment Procurement and so on!

In essence, The UK and France were gearing up to be a 2 Nation Army. However, now the French are set to Spearhead a 23 Nation Army.

If the UK and France compliment each others capabilities through the Anglo - Franco Defence Pact, does this mean when the European Union deploys, the UK will also deploy under the command of the EU?

If the UK wishes to be totally independent of the EU. The Anglo - Franco Defence Pact must be withdrawn or the UK Armed Forces risk becoming subordinate to the 23 Nation Army of the EU lead by France.

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