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  • Mitch William

Britain's Back Door Default

The USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand & Canada are the 5 EYES!

The 5 EYES is an intelligence alliance specialising in human, signals, defence, security and geo intelligence gathering and sharing.

Separate from NATO and all other international institutions!

The 5 EYES is literally the eyes and ears of all participant nations, it is fundamental to counter terrorism and territorial integrity.

Former Defence advisor, Professor Gwythian Prins, fears that the UK Government are about to sign an agreement, which post Brexit would oblige the UK to share 5 Eyes data with the European Union.

Thus, risking the entire framework of the 5 EYES, its not the 6 EYES, it’s the 5 EYES!

The EU have threatened that Galileo (Global Positioning) will not be available to the UK post Brexit. The UK have contributed over £1 Billion to the project and it’s the brain child of a British company who have now been frozen out!

Perhaps, the UK Government are trying to bargain with Intelligence data in order to remain within the Galileo project?

If so, why? We simply leave with no deal and pay no divorce fee and show the EU that we will not be bullied.

NATO & the 5 EYES are the most important organisations concerning the defence of the realm, it is not the EU. The UK should focus on these existing alliances and aim to build on them.

However, there are slight complexities...

The Anglo-Franco Defence Pact, Britain’s back door default to the European Army!

Signed in 2010 and was hailed the closest military agreement in history, encompassing:

· Joint Aircraft Carrier Task Force

· Joint Expeditionary Force

· Joint Nuclear Weapons Development

· Joint Procurement

Is the UK about to play piggy in the middle with NATO and the EU?

Its likely, France will lead the European Army under Permanent Enhanced Structured Cooperation.

The UK & France will be intertwined militarily. Thus, taking the UK into a European Defence structure by stealth.

Its time to withdraw from the Anglo-Franco Defence Pact, leave with no deal & no divorce fee setting our sights on a closer alliance between the Canzuk nations (Canada, Australia & New Zealand) & the USA.

Anything that threatens NATO or the 5 EYES is unacceptable!

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