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Britain + France = Army?

Updated: Jan 20, 2018

The Bayeux Tapestry 2022, £44.5 million toward UK border on the French side, 3 Chinooks for French troops fighting in Mali and a deployment of French troops in Estonia under British command…

But, no commitment on Financial Services being included in a Post – Brexit deal?

However, a small mention of a 10,000 strong Anglo – Franco Expeditionary Force deployable by 2020?

2010, the Lancaster House Treaties were born, ushering in the Anglo – Franco Defence Pact, the closest military alliance the world has ever seen?

The UK has been supporting French operations since and if you noticed, the bombing in Libya was Anglo - Franco led, perhaps a tester?

The Anglo – Franco Defence Pact encompasses:

  • Nuclear Weapons development and simulated testing

  • Joint Aircraft Carrier Task Force

  • Join Expeditionary Force

  • Integrated support on Aircraft

  • Joint Development of next generation Drones

  • Cut cost by researching and development jointly

  • Cyber Security

Does this look like the harmonization and integration of the British and French Armed Forces?

Together, the Armies have performed joint exercise's with the aim of syncing tactics to improve efficiency under a single command.

However, nobody anticipated the UK's abrupt departure from the EU!

And the French have opted into Permanent Structured Cooperation, the mechanism for EU Defence Union...

But, where will that leave the UK - French Pact?

The French won’t pull out of being the de - facto leader of European Union Military Might!

Does this mean the UK could be dragged in to the EU Defence Union by a back - door default?

Sneakily and stealth like?

If the Anglo – Franco Defence Pact continues this scenario may materialize and if you blink, you'll miss it...

The EU Defence Union is not about strengthening NATO it is about rivaling NATO!

In the Future this could leave the UK in an awkward position, but as we have seen with BREXIT... Nothing is set in stone.

Mitch William...


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