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Brexiteers Go To HELL!

Were Donald Tusks words, lost in translation? Look out Brexiteers, a fiery future may await!

Theresa May looked less than happy today. However, she is confident with binding changes, her deal can pass a vote!

Those changes, must include, the erasing of the Back Stop!

The last 2 years, should have been a negotiation of the future relationship, a bilateral free trade agreement, not the nonsense, we've had to bare!

Tusk thinks Corbyns idea of a Customs Union is a step in the right direction. However, if it were a bespoke arrangement as suggested. It could take years to negotiate and the EU is unlikely to allow the UK freedom to forge an independent trade policy.

The EU will endeavour to maintain power over the UK in any way shape or form!

That's the very reason, the no deal outcome, is becoming more and more popular. People can see the EU are trying make BREXIT difficult.

They want a BREXIT, where they still hold all the cards over the UK!

The clock is ticking and no deal looks more likely with every tock! #LetsGoWTO

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