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Look at the state of the US Election 2020. If I was American, I would be embarrassed of my political system and the people that occupy it.

Joe Biden is projected to win as Donald Trump seeks legal action. It's not over yet!!!

Where does that leave the UK, Brexit Britain?

If Trump wins in the courts and takes back power. The UK is on course for a very close trading relationship with the USA. However, if Biden (projected winner) takes office, things aren't as clear. He thinks Brexit is a mistake and has already signalled a trade agreement isn't a given.

As much as I love Americans and the USA. It would appear, we have an up and down relationship with them, depending whom occupies the White House.

I understand that the USA is an important ally and will always remain so, irrespective of whom is in charge, either side of the pond.

However, that said, the UK can rekindle relationships of old. Relationships built on sentiment rather than national interest. We must not set ourselves up to live in the shadows of the USA, EU and China.

The UK's best ally is Australia. Followed by New Zealand and Canada. Australia and New Zealand already have a comprehensive trade and investment agreement. Which the UK should apply to join and could be quickly followed by Canada.

Four Great Nations, working together as a single superpower! Brexit Britain needs close friends, not just business associates!

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