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BREXIT: The Next Chapter...

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The Commonwealth of Nations is a political association of 53 member states. With a population of over 2 billion spanning 20% of the globe.

Queen Elizabeth is the Head of The Commonwealth and is the Head of State in 16 Commonwealth member states, known as The Commonwealth Realms.

BREXIT is upon us. The UK must grasp this opportunity wisely. No one is talking about Empire Part 2. But, existing alliances could and should be built upon.

We need to start with Australia. The proposal for free trade and free movement between the UK and Australia is an exciting prospect and could be the beginning of a much larger 2 tier organisation.

Once the UK-Australia Partnership is signed. It should be left open, for other Commonwealth Realms to join and others should be invited. Starting with New Zealand and Canada. If all goes well, the remaining, smaller nations of the Commonwealth Realms should be invited into this Commonwealth Alliance based on Free Trade and Free Movement.

Some of the Realms already share Embassies. We should amalgamate and re-brand all embassies world wide, as Commonwealth Realm Embassies. Thus giving, each Realm a greater diplomatic voice on the world stage.

At this stage, a synchronised Foreign Policy may be adopted, along side a Defence Pact.

I'm not wishing to replace the European Union with this structure. There would be no Parliament or Commission. A Realm council could be created consisting of the respective Heads of Government and the Monarch as Chair.

This alliance would be based on Free Trade, Free Movement, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy & Defence. A confederal structure of nations working together on the world stage. 16 nations united under one crown.

I've not forgotten about the wider Commonwealth of Nations. Free Trade should be extended to all 53 member states and as part of the alliance, a Commonwealth non-aggression pact should be aspired too. Thus, helping to promote peace and cooperation between some troubled member states.

All Commonwealth nations would be in a position to gain from such an organisation. The structures already exist. We just need to build upon these existing alliances.

The Commonwealth of Nations, could become a World within a World!

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