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  • Mitch William

BREXIT: Northern Ireland Protocol

The big point of order at the moment, is again, Northern Ireland and the protocol governing the import of goods from the UK. The negotiations are ongoing and some believe that the UK is ready to invoke Article 16. Which would effectively unilaterally dissolve the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Protocol dictates checks between the UK and Northern Ireland. Thus slowing down trade moving within the borders of the UK. Some products were even set to be banned under the protocol, i.e. the sausage war.

Because of the open border on the island of Ireland, the EU want all checks done at ports in Northern Ireland to ensure their compatibility with the EU market. It's a tough dilemma to solve.

However, I believe it can be solved and this can be done using using trust.

There could be Northern Ireland ONLY lorries. Lorries that are clearly marked and their cargo ONLY destined for Northern Ireland. And then there could be Republic of Ireland ONLY lorries, again clearly marked with cargo destined for the EU single market.

The latter could stop and be checked at the Northern Irish ports, thus not disrupting the integrity of the UK market as the Northern bound lorries would simply pass through unchecked.

Or the Southern bound lorries could face their checks a few miles into the Republic.

Another solution would be to move the border to France. The threat of civil unrest in Northern Ireland is very real, the less poking the better. The question is, is the EU exploiting this fact to make things difficult? If they are, it's time to invoke Article 16.

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