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  • Mitch William


No agreement on fishing rights and the level playing field as yet. One wonders, what is the point in continuing until Sunday? The British Government appear resolute and are not for turning.

The European side are equally steely. So, there can only be one of three outcomes, the UK capitulates and becomes a subordinate, of the European union (making BREXIT pointless), we agree a bilateral free trade agreement (the best option) or we go WTO #NODEAL.

I voted for BREXIT.

I thought the UK was better placed to broaden it's global horizons outwith the EU. The prospect of CANZUK and a stronger Five Eyes Alliance. For me, that's where our future is.

Ever Closer Union with our European friends would only jeopardise our global position.

I want a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union. But, I don't want to be subordinate to EU law. Being in such a position would restrict British potential. If the level playing field is a red line for the EU, then unfortunately, I think we need to walk away.


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