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  • Mitch William

BREXIT: No Deal?

3rd of October 2020, the European Union agreed to work "intensively" to get a deal. 15th of October 2020, the EU summit concluded that "all future moves must come from the UK".

My interpretation of this approach, is that the EU is telling the UK, we won't back down, accept our terms or nothing.

Of course, REMAINIAC politicians will spin this as being the Governments fault!

Come January 2021, the EU should not hold any legislative power over the United Kingdom, the problem is, that they want to retain some control over us. However, the UK Government is standing firm!

It's "curious" that after 45 years of membership, the EU favour Canada over the UK. The European Union was never going to make a deal easy, they may portray themselves as the good guys. But, in actual fact, they're presenting conditions that are unacceptable.

2021 will be a fresh start, a year of recovery and new horizons. The UK is on the path to becoming a free trading powerhouse. No Deal, will only empower us as a nation!

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