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  • Mitch William

BREXIT: Fishing Rights

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The three sticking points of the negotiations; Fishing, The Level Playing Field and Governance of the Deal.

Today, lets focus on Fishing. Apparently, a mere 0.1% of the UK economy. However, symbolic as a part of BREXIT and an Independent Nation.

The European Union demand unfettered access to British Waters for up to 10 years. That can't happen and by the looks of it, the UK Government aren't for turning.

53% of UK Fishing infrastructure is based in Scotland; Scots Nationalists, if you're reading, the Tories are fighting for you, remember that!

The UK Government should give the EU fisherman a one year free pass. In this year, they can fish as they have done for decades. However, they should be instructed to apply for a British Water's Fishing Pass, which could come into force January 2022. These passes should incur a fee and be renewed annually.

Thus, limiting and controlling the amount of foreign boats in UK waters. Which would allow UK fisherman to recover and expand. This would soon increase that mere 0.1% of GDP, and also increase the public purse with the annual fee payed for the new British Water's Fishing Passes.

Deal or No Deal, the UK Government should follow a line such as this. We wouldn't be slamming the door on Foreign boats, just controlling them and capitalising. It's business!

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