• Mitch William

Brexit Fireworks...

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Out the Single Market we go! Out the Customs Union we go! Out the Court of Justice we go!

The Tories want Hard Brexit!


Labour want Customs Union!


The SNP want Soft Brexit!


What Do You Want?

Westminster will be thrown upside down when Parliament vote on the upcoming deal...

If the negotiations get that far!

Each Political Party has a different vision and each Politician is willing to manipulate their constituents in this never ending battle for BREXIT!

During National Manifestations such as BREXIT Politicians should represent the views of their Constituencies whilst upholding the overall will of the British Electorate.

At present political differences threaten to bring us all down!

The UK needs a BREXIT Cabinet based on Churchills WAR Cabinet, the resurgence of Great Britain as a Global Free Trading Powerhouse is a one time offer and its NOW or NEVER!!!


Mitch William...


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