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  • Mitch William

BREXIT: Divide & Conquer!

The Brexit Party has been announced and Nigel Farage looks set to lead it!

Brexit has been a tricky process to say the least, everyone in the pub reckons they could do a better job than the May Government. (Which is possibly true).

However, I thought there was a standing Brexit Party?

UKIP is the recognisable brand of BREXIT?

There have been a couple of spin offs that got no where and the last time I checked, UKIP were on 7% in the polls.

I think allegiances to the traditional parties are still strong. But, will the new Brexit Party split that 7% or simply take it away?

The battle of the brexiteers is upon us!

Brexiteers may have just conquered themselves through division or should remain be very worried?

Its clear every LEAVE Politician wants to hoover up the 17.4 million leave voters!

Can The Brexit Party unite the Leave Vote? That's the question...

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