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  • Mitch William

Brexit Day

Today, the United Kingdom, enters a new chapter. Britain will depart the European Union, as a member state, at 2300, 31st of January, 2020. This is BREXIT Day!

The 2014 rise of UKIP, paved the way for a 2016 Referendum. Nigel Farage and his Army of BREXITEERS stormed the campaign trail, the Peoples Army were in full revolt.

On the other side of the BREXITEER channel, there was Boris Johnson and Vote LEAVE. Both, Johnson's and Farage's campaigns, may not have been publicly coordinated. But, complimented each other nicely on the front line.

However, we must never forget, it was Nigel Farage #MrBrexit who led us to BREXIT, without UKIP, there would not have been a Referendum!

CREDIT: The Telegraph

Now, it's time to move on?

It's time to rebuild an independent global image. The UK could be on course to become a beacon of Free Trade, a Free Trading Powerhouse, the Singapore of the North Sea.

The prospect of Free Trade with the EU, the USA, CANZUK, the Commonwealth and many more nations and blocs around the world should be the most exciting thing imaginable.

Whether you're celebrating or mourning this evening, one thing is for certain, life goes on and we must ensure, that we get the best out of it.

We must come together, then move forward as a nation and the success will follow!

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