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  • Mitch William

BREXIT Collapse!

The Prime Minister...

"Our deal is the best deal available for jobs and our economy, that allows us to honour the referendum and realise the opportunities of Brexit"

A Government report is now telling us that a No Deal BREXIT will shrink the UK economy by 9.3% over 15 years. However, the TREASON DEAL will only shrink us by 3.9%, hence Treason May is telling us her deal is best for jobs and the economy!

Her deal will not realise the opportunities of BREXIT! It will restrict us from the world for what could be an indefinite period! We cannot unilaterally get out of her despicable back stop, it has to be a bilateral decision... Meaning the EU could keep us shackled out of spite!

Do you remember the fact she was not calling an election, and then she called one!


Do you remember the threat of an emergency budget by the previous Tory leadership?


Can we really trust any of these institutions and so called experts?

If Parliament pass the deal, it will be treason and the Queen should send the Household Division to round-up the MP's!

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