• Mitch William

Brexit Blitz!

One delay after an other!

Prime Minister Mayhem, wants a delay until June 30th, Donald Tusk would prefer a flexible delay until March 2020...

Who's delay will prevail?

I think the EU are now in a position to dictate terms, so brace yourself for a lengthy excursion!

Theresa May, could have owned the process! But, she is about to go down in history, as a failure and a weak shambles of a Prime Minister!

The only reason she's still in the job, is because no one else has the backbone!

She should've crashed the UK out with No Deal, at least the British could have maintained dignity upon departure.

Now a 2nd vote, is even more likely and no brexit could be a reality, because parliament know better than the populous #WeShallCrackTheJokes

I think, a 2nd vote, might not be such a bad idea, No Deal or Remain... Because Parliament are impotent within the process and have made us the laughing stock of the world!

Perhaps the troops who used Corbyn for target practise, should be advising the cabinet?

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