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  • Mitch William

Brexit & Beyond!

Trade talks between the US and UK, are set to begin in 2 weeks time. Despite the UK being at loggerheads with the European Union on an exit package.

The mere fact that the talks begin in 2 weeks and the fact that Donald Trump wants a deal signed off, before his November election is all great news.

It also shows, that the UK Government is serious, when they say, that there will be no extension to the Transition Period with the European Union.

The deadline is firmly set for the 31st December 2020, deal or no deal, brexit will happen.

The European Union is not an enemy, it should be treated with respect and dignity, the UK was never a good fit for the model. But, that's ok, for those who do fit, we can and will continue to be good friends and allies.

Being free from the banner of the European Union, in a sense releases the UK back into the world. Clearly, we're very loudly marching toward free trade with the USA and hopefully we can secure a deal with the EU and then move further a field into the Commonwealth!

The United Kingdom is enroute, to becoming a free trading powerhouse!

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