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  • Mitch William


Should we be fearing the Liberal Democrats right now, or should we be laughing at them? I think its fair to say, they are neglecting 50% of their title. If they were to win a majority in Parliament, would it give them the right to unilaterally CANCEL BREXIT?

Did Parliament have the right to create a new LAW making a NO DEAL criminal, essentially scuppering the Governments negotiating hand?

The only chaos, is the chaos fabricated by Parliament!

Votes must be respected, whether you like the outcome or not, that's the point of Democracy. The Lid Dems, are floating toward the same club as the SNP, the if we don't like it, try again club, or just ignore it completely club!

Democracy is being trampled on by the remain majority in Parliament. How much longer will this facade be allowed to continue?

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