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  • Mitch William

Boycott Turkey

Is Turkey an ally or an enemy?

They've been a member of NATO since 1952. But, more recently they've been cutting their own detail!

In 2019, Turkey purchased the S-400 Missile System from the Russian Federation.

Much to the dismay of the USA. In response, the US stopped the delivery of the F35 Fighter Jet and halted the training of Turkish pilots.

By early October, 2019. The Turkish launched a military offensive in Northern Syria against the Kurdish Rebels, who are allied to NATO. They see the Kurdish YPG as a terrorist threat, even though they were instrumental in defeating ISIS.

They're now in open conflict with the Assad Regime, who is backed by Russia.

Turkey seems to be playing both sides, they're playing it badly, but for some reason they feel emboldened to do so.

And now, they're actively directing refugees to the Greek border, thus reneging on their support deal with the EU and attempting to flood Europe with thousands of refugees.

Is Turkey trying to destabilize Europe, Challenge US authority, and test the Russians?

Turkey should be BANNED from NATO and treated as an adversary!

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