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  • Mitch William

Boycott Turkey

Instead of championing a Kurdish State, the Turks want to annex a 20 mile range of Syria and wipe the Kurds out.

The Kurds, whom defeated the Islamic State and protected Christians from their reign of terror are now being terrorised by Turkey.

This has forced them to make a deal with Assad, who is backed by Iran and Russia. Life just got interesting, as Turkey is a NATO member.

Perhaps the Turks think this will turn into a prelonged proxy war, NATO vs the Axis?

France and the UK have stopped the sale of Arms to their NATO ally as Turkey, yet again threatens to flood Europe with millions of refugee's!

Turkey need to be put in their place. Banish them from NATO and hammer them with sanctions and if thats not enough, deploy troops to repel their aggression!

The prospect of a Kurdish State must be addressed, please think twice about next years summer holiday #DontGo2Turkey #DontFundTheWar

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