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  • Mitch William

Boycott CHINA!

Made in China #COVID19

There's now widespread speculation, that China is misleading the world on the state of their COVID-19 management.

It's been reported that, China has been cashing in on COVID-19... THE MADE IN CHINA CRISIS! There's been reports of China selling upto $467 Million in supplies to Spain, many of which have been substandard!

As many major economies are gradually shutting down across the world, this could be the moment in time, when China surpasses the USA as the world's largest economy.

Personally, I don't think China is responsible enough for that role, COVID-19 is proof of that.

The USA, CANZUK & EU must BOYCOTT all Chinese products!

MADE IN CHINA, should become a thing of the past. It is our desire for cheap products that fuels this economic giant, remove the fuel and the engine starts to falter!

Boris Johnson's first move should be, BAN Huawei from the UK and assure our closest allies, that they are, and always will be, the ones whom we stand shoulder to shoulder with!


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