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  • Mitch William

Boris is a BOSS!

After Johnson's proroguing of parliament was deemed unlawful by the judiciary, he waltz'd back into parliament like a BOSS!

He called them out for what they were #BREXITsaboteurs

They say they want an election. But, don't vote for one when given the chance!

They were dared to set a motion of no confidence in the Government, which would cause an election if they won! But, it seems they won't do anything apart from blow out hot air!

"Come on then"

The BREXIT chaos is manufactured by parliament in order to break the nation and mould the minds of the electorate to remain.

I don't think people are as stupid as parliament think they are. But, we'll see...

If I were Boris, I'd bring in the troops and crash out over the weekend! If that's not an option, find a way to get an election, sign a pact with The Brexit Party and shoo the remainers to the job centre!

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