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  • Mitch William

Boris ain't finished!

The Liberal Democrats defeated the Tories in a true blue seat that had been tory since 1980. The Lib Dems triumphed with a 5995 majority. The Tories were forced to secede their previous 23000 majority.

However, was this really a win for the Lib Dems, or was it a constituency reminding the Government and the opposition that in a Democracy, it is the people who decide the fate of Politics.

By-elections are great for protest votes. The result of this election in particular, points to the fact that people are not happy with the Government or Labour. It's a mere wake up call, a warning from the electorate, buck up your ideas before the next general election!

I think the Tories will take note. They have plenty of time. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that North Shropshire will go tory again, at the the next General Election. We shall wait and see.

It wasn't a Lib Dem victory. It was the people sending a message to the Government and the opposition, using the Lib Dems as a protest.

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