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Boris 2 Borders

Will the Boris plan succeed?

He needs Parliament & the European Union to agree. The problem is, both of those establishments want to cancel BREXIT. Each of them want an extension, which will lay the groundwork for a 2nd referendum.

The new deal is pretty much the same as the old deal. The Back-Stop replaced with 2 borders in a complex prism of a plan. Personally, I think its a terrible idea.

Is it better than what was on offer before?

The alternative is NO DEAL. I think, we should give NO DEAL a chance, jump at Free Trade with the USA, CANZUK & the EU (which they will want). Even more, China, the wider Commonwealth.

There will be some short term upheaval. But, in the long run, the UK would become a Free Trading Powerhouse in its own right.

Bye Bye EU, Hello NO DEAL?

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