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Bobby's in RETREAT!

Updated: May 25, 2018

The thing the Police out done the Armed Forces at mostly was no direct entry Inspectors, the equivalent to Officers in the Military. You started at the bottom and your ability and ambition determined your future.

Not to long ago this all changed!

The Police are now recruiting direct entry Inspectors, people who know nothing of policing and have limited life experience.

But, perhaps they have a degree in sociology and couldn't get a job anywhere else?

The great thing about the Police is that the person at the very top, the Chief Constable achieved this rank through ability, ambition and merit. They done the job of a PC and understand how the entire system works as they have been through it. Thus creating mutual respect throughout the ranks.

Why change such a system?

And it gets better, now they are floating the idea of degree qualified applicants as mandatory. In other words, in the not so distant future you will need to be degree qualified to join the Police!

You can't make this up, its a terrible idea!

This would mean highly disciplined ex-servicemen and women without degrees would be unable to become Police Officers.

Wow... I'm sorry, I would rather have ex-Army and ex-Royal Marines policing the streets than the alternative flamboyant brigade of lefty sociology graduates that pee their pants at the word BOO!

Why attempt to fix a system that's not broken? A system that has served the public well for years upon years!!

We should be trying to break down class barriers in every aspect of life, not build new ones! This new proposal will create a huge barrier for 1000's of potentially good cops!

Mitch William...


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