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  • Mitch William

Biased Media & the REST!

The UK denied asylum to a Pakistani Christian woman, who was sentenced to death for blasphemy...

Her asylum, would have the potential, to cause certain unrest!

However, the UK has no problem granting asylum to thousands of middle eastern fighting age men, apparently fleeing wars!

Meanwhile, in China re-education camps are introduced in an attempt to tackle Islamic Extremism through thought transformation!

Now the media are spinning the one sided story of the "Bullied Syrian Refugee"!

He was grabbed, pushed to the ground and had water poured over his face, hardly water boarding is it?

When I was at School, that wouldn't even qualify as a fight!

Its alleged that the Syrian boy along with other Muslim girls, badly assaulted an English girl and the actions seen by the nation was allegedly a reaction to that!

Where is the mention of that in the media?

Instead, they are focusing on this one boy whilst ignoring the real problems, which will come back to haunt them!

One day, the snowflakes, will need the people they loathe... Because, snowflakes are weak and the world that they're letting in, isn't always a nice one!


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