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Beyond Brexit

Are we going to get a deal with the EU, is it the be all and end all?

The EU continually insist that the UK sign up to a "level playing field" thus meaning, the UK would be a rule taker and follow the EU book. The whole the reason the UK voted to leave the EU, was so the UK could make it's own rules, and pursue policies that were in the British interest.

Allowing the status quo on fishing and the entirety of EU rules and regulations, isn't BREXIT!

The UK Government should resist all pressure from Barnier and his Franco - German Empire, even if that means no deal, no deal is better than being colonized!

Deal or No Deal, the UK's future is bright, the world is awash with opportunities for Britain.

Perhaps, the UK should be looking at a Trade, Foreign and Defence Policy Alliance with Canada, Australia and New Zealand?

Erin O'Toole, Canada's new opposition leader, is one of the biggest advocates of a new alliance with old friends, all these nations are keen to work together, so why not do it as a block?

A block that would have a nuclear umbrella, NATO membership and a seat at the UN. The block would stand shoulder to shoulder with the USA via the 5 Eyes Alliance and become the third pillar of western society.

The CANZUK Alliance, would be the 4th superpower of the world, a group of 4 independent nations, who share a head of state, coming together to act as a single entity on the world stage.

A new alliance, with old friends!

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