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  • Mitch William

Beyond Brexit

Canada, Australia, New Zealand & the UK (CANZUK) share a head of state, common law, a language and have similar economies. CANZUK is a natural alliance that can be harnessed beyond BREXIT.

The main push for this is actually coming from Canada!

CREDIT: CANZUK International

It's not Empire 2.0 or even a vision of a supranational EU style set up. It's an idea, of taking 4 similar nations, who share a rich history and connecting them through Free Trade, Foreign Affairs & Defence.

CREDIT: CANZUK International

In a sense it would be a confederation, a group of nations coming together on certain issues and acting as a single entity on the global stage in those allocated areas.

Such an alliance could replace the UK at the UN security council and NATO. Thus, enhancing the global power of each nation, whilst still remaining independent on domestic issues and retaining national currencies etc etc.

CREDIT: CANZUK International

CANZUK is a no brainer in a post BREXIT world. The UK never really fitted into the EU, it was too centralised and infringed on domestic policies far too much.

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