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  • Mitch William

Better Together

This pandemic, is demonstrating the good, that the United Kingdom brings to the British Isles. A unified coordinated effort, is the only way covid can be defeated in a timely manner.

However, it would appear, that the SNP are using this as an opportunity to showcase their leadership prowess (or lack of). Scotland's First Minister, is always first off the mark with her daily briefings... I wonder why?

Some might say, the SNP are jumping the gun and trying to out maneuver the UK Government at every given opportunity. Perhaps, they're attempting to create an illusion of leadership in order to further their political goals...

Is it possible, that the SNP see this crisis, as a potential shop window campaign tool?

If Scotland were independent, it would be in financial ruin at present. What currency would it be using? Whom would be supporting furloughed workers?

Covid-19 proves the point of the "Better Together" campaign of 2014! The reality is, that the UK has saved Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England #UNITED

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